Power Rankings Calculation

The Power Rankings use several different methods to calculated the rankings. The formula is fairly complicated, but here are the things that figure in:

1. Points Scored and Points Allowed. The larger the point difference for each game, then the larger the contribution to power rankings. There is a cap per game, so it will not help any extra to blow a team out by more than 2 touchdowns.

2. Wins and Losses. Wins and losses figure fairly heavily into the calulation. The ability to win games consistently will help your power rankings more than blowing some teams out, but losing to others.

3. Strength of Schedule. The strength of schedule is based mostly on the power rankings of the opponents you are playing against. While not the most important stat, a difficult schedule can make the difference between which of several teams who are ranked close will end up on top.

4. Number of Games Played. The power rankings are weighted for the number of games played, so playing extra games will not give a team an extra advantage.