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Author:  bgup [ Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  League Fees

Been playing in this league for some time now and greatly enjoy it. However, this year seems to have fewer teams than normal. Why is that?

Also think ref fees should be greatly reduced. Not sure if anyone really cares about their "stats" because refs struggle to maintain them during the game and the site never updates stats. Get rid of stats and lower ref fees IMO. Also if there is only 1 ref the teams should pay half the fee $10 instead of $20 because there is no way the ref can watch the game, take stats, officiate, etc. Sorry for the rant but excited for playoffs to soon be here.

Author:  Breten W [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: League Fees

We appreciate the post and concerns regarding stats, fees when only one ref is able to work your game, and overall league fees.

I take responsibility as the field manager for Omaha for not having the fee reduced to $10 per team for one ref. That is something I should have mentioned to the ref but failed to.

When there is only one ref, we do want them to take stats the best they can but it can be more beneficial to focus completely on the game and only record the final scores.

I am in the process of entering stats from the past few weeks so that everyone has a good idea of where they stand going into the playoffs.

As far as the number of teams, we have had some teams retire for various reasons but would welcome new ones to join us. If anyone has ideas to get the word out leading into the Spring 2021 session I would be all ears.

Author:  mscout99 [ Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: League Fees

Just out of curiosity, when you say that ref fees should be “greatly reduced,” what amount do you have in mind? I’ve played and reffed in the league for a long time (not reffing this session because of time commitments), and I would disagree.

First of all, you’re right about stats. It’s been a point of contention for years, but the league ownership has shot it down any time it’s been suggested. Refs should be out there first and foremost to officiate the game and do what they can to help games run as smooth and safe as possible. I can tell you that a lot of refs would love nothing more than to throw the clipboard away and make sure they’re in position for the next play.

When I started reffing, ref fees were $15 per game. I didn’t have an issue with the fees being there at all, but I can tell you it was hard to attract new refs and we typically had the same crew for several years. The league only started getting more new refs (IMO) when the fees were raised to $20, which I think is more than reasonable. Lowering fees would mean a lot of your most experienced officials would probably walk away, then the league would be in more trouble.

The other aspect is that when you factor in the BS refs have to put up with in terms of teams going out there without even reading the rule book, players out there picking fights with other players, and players yelling, screaming, and swearing at refs, I don’t believe you’ll get any interest in officiating from anyone if you reduce ref fees. I also understand people have had issues with quality of officiating, but the field manager has done a good job in making sure some of the not so good ones weren’t asked back.

Regarding your other question, I think enrollment is down because it gets harder for some teams to make sure they can get enough people there every Sunday, and, after speaking with guys on teams who haven’t returned, they’re not very pleased with league ownership. Rules are selectively enforced, there’s zero communication outside of a last second Facebook post or website entry when games have to be cancelled, league fees keep going up while equipment doesn’t seem to improve, there’s zero marketing for the league, and there’s a general sense of apathy whenever a concern or issue is raised. One in particular is that when there’s a competitive imbalance where teams have obnoxious point spreads and sandbag divisions. In short, there’s really not a lot of administration going on and feels like there’s zero interest in changing that.

Author:  bgup [ Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: League Fees

Thanks for the response.

I guess my biggest concern is when we are a ref down (1 per game) and still get charged the full amount. I agree refs deal with a bunch of BS and for the most part I believe officiating has greatly improved from last year.

I respect how you pointed out some issues and it seems like you are trying to address them. I like the league a lot but it is tough seeing enrollment down and afraid of what next year will be. I think with the league fees being so high plus the ref fees without anything to really show for them (new equipment, consistent updating with scheduling, stats, etc) is turning away of players on my team. Hope it gets better as I enjoy playing.

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